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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Notice to Members

Thank you to all the members who have donated money to various Massachusetts Police Departments. More than $10,000.00 has been donated thanks to your contributions (yes I know, our website editor put the wrong amount on our home page :-] ). Police Officer's, EMT's, Firefighter's, etc. all do a wonderful public service and deserve respect and recognition for their work. As a legal support network, it's our duty to give back to them.

Our Network has done a great job this year. Can you believe that we have delegated over 9,500 service requests since Feb 2007 - Dec 2007? It's true! Login for more facts about our Network for this year.

From December 21st to January 7th we will not be delegating any services. We're closed between the aforementioned dates.

Happy holidays to you all and I'll see you at our New Year's Eve party. Remember, you may invite your family and two friends. For more information about our New Year's Eve party, please login.