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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Proposed Policy Change

I'm proposing a new policy that will target notary public members. If you agree, you’re encouraged to login and vote. Also, I suggest letting Korey know of your thoughts regarding my policy change because nothing can be changed without his authorization.

Last year, out of 1,800 (rounded) notary service requests, 56 clients complained about the notaries we sent to them -- 2% of the complaints dealt with improper notarizations; 59% dealt with the notaries showing up later then the scheduled times; and 39% of the complaints dealt with the notaries lack of knowledge concerning their duties as a notary public.

Although 56 complaints out of 1,800 notarizations is relatively low, I want to have our Network provide the best possible notary services. Therefore, my proposed policy change will be as follows:

The Massachusetts Notary Public & Legal Support Network's policy on Notary Public members is as follows (pg. 73):

"Any commissioned Massachusetts Notary Public may become a member of this Network once their status is confirmed by the Governor's Council. However, a Notary may be denied membership if their commission has any valid complaints on file with the Commonwealth. . . What constitutes a “valid” complaint will be at the discretion of the Founder. . ."

I would like to delete that paragraph and have it read:

"A commissioned Notary Public, pursuant to MGL c. 222 s. 1, is eligible for membership in this Network if the Notary works in the legal field and has at least 1.5 years of experience as a practicing Notary Public. Otherwise, for all other Notaries Public not working in the legal field, the Notary must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Founder, that he/she is in full compliance with Executive Order 455 (04-04). If the Founder determines that the Notary Public has demonstrated compliance, a Certificate of Membership shall be issued in accordance with our policy."

Please login and vote either to accept this new policy or to reject it. Voting will end on January 31, 2008.



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