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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SOP on Federal Property

I had to laugh today. One of my process servers had to serve a document at Shriver Job Corps. It was a simple demand letter that any disinterested person could serve. Regardless, my server went inside Job Corps and asked to see the people he was attempting to serve. One person was unavailable so he served it on an agent of Job Corps. The other person was the head of security. He handed the gentleman the paper and the security guard looked up and said to him, "do you know you're on Federal property?" The guard went on to spew some bullshit story about how he, as an officer on federal property, cannot be served.

My server explained to him that it doesn't matter what type of property it is. So, once again, the guy said, "do you know you're on Federal property?" Irritated, my process server said in a sarcastic tone, "do you know you're only a security guard! I don't care if this is holy ground and you're the Pope!"

He served the paper and walked away and the guard told him he'll be hearing from the director of Job Corps.

Some people crack me up! ........................... I guess you had to be there. :)

UPDATE: Although the guard tried to intimidate my process server, and after spewing crap about how he can't be served, Job Corps called my client and agreed to comply with the demand letter I drafted and had served. What happened to the process being voidable because it was served on "Federal property"? ---- Jackass, pure jackass. -ROTFLMAO-


  • HA HA - That's nothing! I remember when I had to serve a police officer in hand for a divorce proceeding. I went to the police station and asked for the officer. He came out in a professional manner asking how he could assist me.

    I told him I was serving him with a divorce summons and complaint and he immediately changed. He thought it was a joke at first because he didn't know his wife filed. He thought him and his wife were working things out.

    I told him it was real and that he needed to be in court on the xx day of bla bla month. He took it from me and started cussing me out right their in the police station!

    He took copies of my Process Server ID and even checked me for warrants. I was legally detained until he finished running my background (warrant check).

    I felt kinda bad for him, but then again, I couldn't! He was an ass to me so I can only imagine how he treats his wife and kids.

    What a day that was! I love cops who try to act intimidating. Once a person learns the law and learns about the powers of police, it becomes eaiser to laugh at them.

    Knowledge is power!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At February 1, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

  • Wow, great post.

    By Blogger Mitchel Starc, At July 21, 2018 at 4:51 AM  

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